Get Your Party Started


I plan, you party! I have always had a passion for all aspects of events: the way it brings people together, the beautiful aesthetics of the room, and the memories created during special celebrations. With work, kids schedules, and life, sometimes hosting a party can become a stressful burden despite best intentions. Thats where I come in! Let me handle the planning, so you can enjoy the party!

Great Party Supplies

I believe in delivering quality party supplies that meet the aesthetic goals you’re looking for, but don’t break the bank- you do only get to use disposable tableware once, after all! I work incredibly hard to find trendy, unique, or exciting supplies to make your party memorable (and Insta-worthy too!)

All Kinds of Occasions

Have a favorite show, musician, or hobby? We LOVE making custom boxes! Please fill out the form below and a party professional will be in touch shortly. Β Select from one of my curated boxes of party supplies, or let me know what you're looking for and I’ll put together a custom party in a box! No request is too big or too small!